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It starts here on paper in the shaping bay, but it doesn't finish with a 35.6 litres or 25.5 as most 'sales' people or internet experts will tell you. Board fitting is a personal process for each customer, based on height: weight, ability and most importantly geometry! Volume is the new catch phrase. Yes, it is important to achieve the correct volume of a board as a part of the fitting process, but its not the whole process.

Boardculture spends the time required to make sure new techniques in design and technology are wholly understood and this in return allows us to assist you with the correct decision every time. We choose service and expert knowledge of the brands we choose to stand behind instead of being another warehouse filled with 20 brands and 500 boards.

Visit Board Culture today 2442 GOLD COAST HWY, MERMAID BEACH, QLD, 4218

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