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This model is a great option for surfers looking for a versatile board that can perform in small to larger waves. Suitable for all surfers, if you are experienced go short and feel the life come into the design.


Concave — Single to Double
Rocker — Medium to Low
Glassing — 4 x 4 x 4 Standard
Fins — Five Fin *FCS 2 or Futures
Carbon — Tail wrap


The MONSTER came out of the box three years ago and has very quickly developed itself into a classic design that has earned a permanent place in the range. It continues to perform well in a wide range of conditions from small to larger surf. With the thrusters/quad set-up you can ride it as a quad for quick rail to rail release in small surf and as a thruster once it gets a little bigger.

A lot of the team really like this model as an aerial option in small waves, the wider round tail really comes alive under their feet. With all the hidden foam they can ride it really short and really throw it around. The rolled deck makes it really easy to roll it on rail and the wider nose makes it easy to paddle into waves.


* Boards availability and delivery timeframes - See below for details 

$895.00 $750.00
Bonus Ocean & Earth Tailpad
Bonus Creatures Legrope
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When the waves are firing and the conditions are perfect we have the best surfboards to put under your feet!

The DHD surfboard range includes boards for all conditions and surfer experience. From the summer fun boards DHD Twin Fin, DHD Mini Twin Fin or DHD Pocket Knife getting great value from smaller waves through the big wave performance boards in a DHD DX1, DHD Monster or DHD SweetSpot there is a board to suit you. Check out the Mick Fanning DNA, MF JBAY and Mick Fanning Ducks Nuts for a high performance ride. 

The range also includes great allrounder boards from the DHD Skeleton Key, DHD Switchblade and DHD Black Diamond. The range also includes the latest EPOXICORE options blending the best in design from traditional fibreglass and epoxy construction to create a board that has better weight distribution, greater control flex, less chatter and weighted rail performance.

DHD Surfboards are based on the Gold Coast in Australia, close to some of the best breaks including Burleigh Point, Currumbin Alley, Snapper Rocks and D-bah.  DHD Surfboards are a performance designed surfboard used by some of the best surfers globally. Darren Handley grew up on Australia’s wave rich Gold Coast, a unique place in the World with regards to the high concentration of world famous waves and the talent the coast continually produces. It is the Gold Coast’s variety of waves that has allowed Darren to hone his skills for creating the most responsive boards in the world. 

The DHD team includes some of the great surfers from Mick Fanning, Jack Freestone, Matt Wilkinson and Steph Gilmore, Nat Young, Ethan Ewing, Ryan Hipwood, Laura Enever, Mitch Crews, Asher Pacey, Isabella Nichols, Ricardo Christie, Sheldon Simps and Cody Robinson to name a few. 

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