Dick Vanstraalen 5’6 hydro hull






Hand-crafted and shaped by the master himself, Mr Dick van Straalen, the DVS Hydro Hull Twin fin is a board that has unrivaled speed down the line, and an insane amount of acceleration.

With more than 55 years of shaping under his belt, DVS has perfected the art of hand-making all shapes and sizes of surf craft.

The Hydro Hull Twin fin  appears to have a fairly standard retro outline of a fish shaped board – low entry rocker, extra foam through the nose and middle of the board, holding it’s width to the tail where you’re met with a deep swallow vee. Upon closer inspection, the Hydro Hull has glassed in twin keel fins, and a huge concave on the deck and base of the board.

This means that there is a solid amount of foam on the outer side of the fins, and very little between the two fins. Whats does this mean for the ride?
DVS has created a funnel for an insane amount of water to pass through, which creates speed you’ve likely not felt before.

The DVS hydro Hull loves waves from 1 foot to just under overhead, from punchy beachies to long, wall ridden points. Being a Twin keel fin set up, it also means the board is extremely loose – super playful when the waves aren’t giving you much.

Above all else, Dick van Straalen creates works of art. Either have a ball riding his creation, or hang it up in your home. Each one is hand painted by DVS himself, and there are no 2 the same.

As each board is a hand created piece, dimensions and literage are by design. The length of the board is given by DVS and thats about it. You should ride the Hydro Hull Twin Fin 2  – 3 inches shorter than your standard shortboard. 


Give us a call , we have a constant stock supply of DVS boards in store !