Island Surfboards The Atom


0 1-3ft beach breaks to bigger rolling waves up to 6ft. The nose outline is fish-like so get plenty of volume under your chest making paddling a dream and catching waves easier.

The tail is pulled in and shortened up a little this is helping to keep the tail loose and give you utmost manoeuvrability and boost without sacrificing down the line speed.

The nose has a tad of lift for water entry but is mostly flat throughout. The lift helps you during late takeoffs or turning in steep sections of the wave. The low rocker was designed for speed to allow you to get through fast sections that you may not usually make.

The centre concave runs through from the mid nose to a mid-section it’s a slight single concave to generate speed and drive through to a double concave to funnel that water thru the 3 or 4 Fin set up to generate max speed and manoeuvrability.